Taxi vs Uber in Puebla – TIPS


I arrived here after taking a bus from Veracruz in which it took approximately 3 hours to get to Puebla. When my dad and I arrived, we had to search a taxi to take us to the hotel.The driver that we had was so pathetic but the other side of that is that transportation was really cheap (which it doesn’t surprise me because it’s the same in Tijuana). So my dad got annoyed after this service and since he had the Uber app, he decided to test it out to see how much it would cost compared to the Uber service in the US and I noticed that the price was a little higher (90 pesos ~ 5 dollars) for short distances. The Uber drivers were worried about the way they treated the customers. However, Uber drivers are not always available or they take too much time so Taxi drivers here in Puebla would really get you out of the traffic pretty soon.



  1. If you don’t have a lot of money or you’re simply trying to save, I would recommend TAXI cab as a way of transportation.
  2. When you get a Taxi make sure you ask them how much it’ll cost you (VERY IMPORTANT)
  3. Ask them if they know the place where you want to go
    • for safety reasons
  4. Try to be generous to the drivers
    • yes, I know they have a long day from working but have to tolerate if they’re in a bad mood- talk to them
    • I met a taxi driver that even told us about his family and how his job is important to the survival of his family 🙂
  5. Use Uber when you want to go to a business venture or some other important event






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