Lagunas de Montebello| Comunidad Indigena

Chiapas 2012 302
Lagunas de Montebello, Chiapas. I’ll be honest I wasn’t in my best condition to take a picture.
Chiapas 2012 287
Seated on a rock bed applied ready to eat indigenous food.


Even though my trip to Chiapas was in 2012, I absolutely loved it. Because I’ve barely started on this blog, I would like to share my experiences when I went to Chiapas.

We went  to different places with a tour guide which they took us to 6 different places in around 5 days. We went to Misol Ha, Bonampak, Yaxchilan, Agua Azul Waterfalls, and to indigenous villages where you had your own point of view as how you regarded these talented and gifted beings. I will talk about the importance of the presence of Indians.

Throughout the course of history, Indians were always oppressed by the white majority. Of course things have changed but it’s necessary that we reflect on what they have given to the Mexican community. With these communities, we have established our own identity as Mexicans. We have been influenced by their artistic talents,values, customs, language, and many more. Maybe you’re a foreigner reading this and you may say I’m not Mexican, but I’m mostly sure that the place you come from there are indigenous people influence little specks of your lives.

At least I could see the indigenous talent in the lakes of Montebello. Little children running towards the tourists seeking compensation for their work and before you knew it they’d speak kakchikel, but you knew you’d have to help. They would say thank you by their use of their hands. They made bags, blankets, and shirts that you could buy for maybe 8 dollars and for them it meant food, water and shelter that maybe for the tourists it wasn’t a lot.

My dad and I ate there because we were really hungry after going from place to place. I think I remember eating chorizo with tortillas and frijoles pintos (or lima beans, don’t remember) by the side. It was all natural: beans were harvested nearby and the tortillas were made in front of you. The two women cooking were indigenous women and they had children to feed and take care. As they cooked they would speak their language and dive in into what their ancestral relatives would do and continue the tradition. Yes, the big lakes flourished into the coniferous forests and the pines would reflect into the mirrored lakes. I saw myself diving in.


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