Veracruz, Veracruz | Restaurant TIPS

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Well, in Veracruz, I walked around the plaza and could see the marvelous tropical trees. The birds would sing to afternoon melodies in the middle of the plaza to accompany  a couple sitting each other side by side on the hardwood benches. While you passed by, the kids would chase each other with balloons shouting ” Ya te atrape! (Got you!)” while the old took a rest and admired the peaceful time. I never took into consideration that most Mexicans don’t use their phones at the park or when they’re talking to someone. It’s disrespectful for Mexican culture. My mom even tells me “Deja tu teléfono cuando comas, eso es falta de educación ( Leave your phone when you eat, that’s disrespectful)”.

In contrast to the Mexican culture, the American culture is accustomed to using their phones while eating or sipping coffee from the biggest chain corporation. Of course it’s not everyone that practices this method of communication but it’s way more common than Mexican people who are supersticious about using technology in front of a person.

Aside from that, I went to a restaurant called Gran Cafe del Portal which it’s a historic landmark in Veracruz because presidents and celebrities have came here in the past.

The aroma of dark roasted coffee overtook the whole place. The food was incredibly good. You’d have sopes or enchiladas along with frijoles and arroz rojo in which my tongue melted from the tasty flavor that would stay in your mouth forever.

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