You guys are probably wondering how you describe the weather on your trips to a Russian-speaking country. Here’s a chance to learn some phrases or expressions that will help you along your trip. This will be necessary since Russia and surrounding countries have extreme weather conditions. Also, holiday season is coming so who doesn’t wants to learn common terms that could help you when you travel?

вопросы (questions)

какая сегодня погода ? – What’s the weather like today?
какой на завтра прогноз погоды? What’s the weather forecast for tomorrow?
какую погоду обещают на завтра? What’s the weather like for tomorrow? (Literally:What weather they promise for tomorrow?)
как там на улитце?- How is it on the street?
как у вас погода?- What’s the weather like in your place?

ответы (responses)

идёт дождь- It’s raining
идёт снег- It’s snowing
будет дождь- It’s going to rain
будет снег – It’s going to snow
будет тепло- It’s going to be warm
будет холодно- It’s going to be cold
холодно- It’s cold
прохладно- It’s cool
тепло- It’s warm
жарко- It’s hot
ветрено- It’s windy
солнечно- It’s sunny

If you have any questions or you would like to add more phrases, feel free to comment below! Also check out my other posts 🙂



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