Should I apply to McGill ?

Okay so I quite regret not having taken a college tour at McGill because we had the opportunity. I want to study International Relations with a Russian Language/Portuguese minor if available. McGill is suitable for those who are pursuing a bilingual education; in some ways I’m afraid that I won’t fit in with the rest. The only reason why I want to apply is because I want to practice my French skills but also because it’s one of the few cities that has a metro.

McGill is in the top 50 Global Universities list which attracts my attention. I wanted to apply to U of Toronto but the problem is that the tuition fee is extremely expensive compared to McGill’s tuition fee which is approx $19,500 CAD for international students.

I hope that a McGill alumn could tell me their own point of view regarding this university. I’m still indecisive whether I’ll apply to this Canadian university. If you have any suggestions please comment below! Thanks, Merci beaucoup!


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