Yes, I will tell you how to save money from your pocket.

Now that college season is approaching, it is important to get your tickets quickly before they increase. Well if you live near your college, then don’t worry about it but since it’s also summer, I’m pretty sure you want to hear this as well if you are looking for a sweet escape.

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Again, it’s summer and we expect airports to be crazy-filled with people from different places. However it is a great time to start planning your trips. In my opinion, it is the perfect time to be purchasing your tickets in August to travel around  Thanksgiving week.

Pick dates where you won’t fly on a weekend or a Friday. Weekends are the busiest at the airport so you can avoid that.

If you want to visit a city within the US, then I would recommend 3-4 days so you don’t spend a lot at the hotel or eating at restaurants. If you visit one city outside of the US then I recommend 5-7 days. Of course, it depends where you are going.


My favorite is Kayak. Maybe you have heard from this website but it’s really helpful because it compares different airlines. It also has a setting where it says Kayak Explore. Here, you can modify your search by how much you are willing to spend and around which month you would like to travel. This is definitely a plus.

Also take into account that there are airlines that do not use agencies to boost their ticket sales. Below I have other airlines which I recommend.


If you want to travel exotically then Emirates, Qatar, or British Airways are the answers. However since you want to save some cash I recommend two. Southwest and WOW Air.

In order to purchase tickets you have to access the websites directly. I would say to use Southwest for domestic flights and WOW Air for international flights. What I like about Southwest Airlines is that you can carry two checked bags FOR FREE! As a college student, this is very convenient. I haven’t used WOW Air but from what I’ve heard is that it is very cheap to go to Iceland if you get your tickets in advance. You can save around 500-700 bucks for traveling to Europe or India.  


Well, of course, distance affects price. The more miles are spent, the more is spent from the airline. If you travel within the state that you live in, it will be cheaper. But if you travel coast to coast, then price will be much expensive. It depends on how much you want to spend.

For international flights, if you live in the East coast then it’s cheaper to fly to Europe or even South Asia. For those who live in the West coast, it is cheaper to fly to Mexico, East Asia, or Australia.

Well those are my tips for now. As time progresses, hopefully I become an amateur at traveling so I give more advice.

Comment below where you plan to go this summer or where you would like to travel.

P.S. I would like to go to New Delhi next summer….. hopefully I do.



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