Nervous to stay 1st semester in Washington DC


As soon as I arrived at the San Diego International (SAN) airport, it hit me. I was going be away from my mother for the first time. I had mixed feelings whether I truly wanted to attend a school, such as American University, that is 2,280 miles away from home.

IMG_0123Here you see my mother and my god-mother who accompanied me and dropped me off.

I remember that we arrived at BWI airport in a humid and warm morning. My mother rented a car and drove us to DC. I felt the sweat around my body every time we walked around Georgetown. Was I going to tolerate this humid weather for the rest of summer? Maybe I am over thinking, I thought…

The last day after my mother and my god-mother left, I left into pieces. My mother gave me a kiss and off she went to the airport. I didn’t want to say much because I didn’t want to get emotional. I opened my door to my dorm and started crying with my roommate who was very supportive. Actually, thanks to her I had an amazing college experience with no “roommate problems.”

That same day, I started searching on colleges back home and when it was the time to submit transfer applications. Was I going to make friends? Was I going to get along with my neighbors?

Well I was wrong. After one week or two I adapted being in college far away from home. My neighboring peers were very friendly with each other and each of us supported one another. I made friends with people who were passionate and liked the same things as I did. Slowly I realized that I was very dependent on my parents and now I had to do everything on my own.

2 thoughts on “Nervous to stay 1st semester in Washington DC

  1. I can imagine how hard it was to say goodbye to your beloved mother and god mother. But when you’ll see them again your heart will be full of joy. New exciting experiences, interesting classes, new friends and teachers might distract you from being home sick. Best wishes on your new adventure.

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    1. Thank you Natalia! I’m finally back home after a year spent in DC. I’m coming back in August for my second year. I love DC because of its’ professional opportunities. Again thanks for the wonderful words of wisdom!

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