Besides traveling, one of my hobbies is to learn languages. I think it’s essential if you want to know more about different cultures and traditions and in this case if you travel somewhere you’ll know how to communicate with citizens in case of an emergency (let’s hope that doesn’t happens but you”l be cautious).  I’ll tell you at what level I’m at with each language.


  • native speaker – I don’t need to go further lol


  • 4 years and counting
    • started since middle school
  • won an award for Best French Student for level 1/2
    • when I was a kiddo!
  • passed AP exam with a 4
  • I talk to a few people aka pen-pals from France
  • currently I post things on tumblr about French grammar

Portuguese (Brazilian)

  • I became fascinated with this language when I watched Avenida Brasil
  • listen to the radio in Brazilian Portuguese
  • I speak considerably well at an intermediate level
  • I talk to people from Brasil so they can help me on learning este idioma tão bonito 


  • I studied Russian in an institution for 6 months
  • read my book on grammar
  • listen to the news in Russian (sometimes I can understand, sometimes cannot)