IMG_4474On the 18th, I had the opportunity to attend the opening of the Del Mar horse races with my friend Aaron. This was actually my first time attending one.

My friend’s dad took us to Del Mar and dropped us off near the entrance. Once we entered Stretch Run area, we walked around the hat contest section. So many women (and even guys) had spent a lot of time trying to craft the most unique hat in order to get a reward.

We walked toward the paddock where the races took place. We could’ve reserved a box but most were sold out or were crazy expensive so instead we decided to just go and see what was around.

That’s when we stood by the pavilion to take a look at horses who were about to enter the paddock. Number one through seven came out but suddenly it’s changed. The jockey from horse 8 tried to climb up but suddenly the horse went chaotic. The jockey fell on the side as well as the horse. People surrounding it started running away. However, the jockey took the horse out of the paddock.

After that accident, the actor David Hasselhoff came to the rescue. He gave a welcome speech and sang the famous song Where the Turf Meets the Surf by Bing Crosby.

My friend and I decided to leave Del Mar racetrack to go eat at California Pizza Kitchen in Solana Beach after being at the races for two hours.

I think you will enjoy horse races if you have enough money to lose and know the factors that affect the running capacity of horses.Without these two attributes it will be difficult for someone to win.



Here is my dad’s friend who is wearing a flower hat that weights around 2 pounds. At first I didn’t know her but I sent my dad pictures of all the contestants who participated. Nevertheless, my dad told me “oh yeah she’s my friend”


Credits to my dad who gave me his courtesy tickets from the SD County Fair media party.

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