Chicago’s Majestic Airport

On September, on our way to Montreal, my mom and I stopped in Chicago. When we arrived, we had to transfer to a different terminal which took us around 10 minutes to get there by walking. The airport has this electric walkway which I found it necessary because it controls traffic and saves people time from moving from different routes.


But also, on top of this long corridor, there were lights that changed colors. I found them pretty fascinating!

After escalating the stairs, I encountered this huge replica of a Brachiosaurus dinosaur. As a child I was a geek who loved to know about different fossils in different time periods. What used to intrigue me was the fact that huge animals existed long time ago even before humans existed. I had to take a picture of something that represented my childhood.

If you want to know more about this airport or anything in general,, you’re welcome to leave a comment!

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